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12mm Silver Hoops

12mm Silver Hoops

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    These 12mm Hoops provide an elegant, sophisticated touch of colour. Crafted from sterling silver, these earrings are light yet durable, perfect for newly pierced ears. Discover a delicate, beautiful accessory with these 12mm hoops.
    Excellent earrings for small ears, including kids!
    Not recommended for children under the age of 4. Small parts can be a choking hazard.

  • Jewelry care

    Sterling silver is considered stronger than solid silver but it is softer than gold filled metal, and can be prone to scratching if not treated with care.

    Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes (turns brown or black). Exposure to chemicals found in pools, hot tubs and even the ocean can react to the silver causing it to tarnish more rapidly. For that reason, we suggest you take off your jewelry before going into a pool/hot tub/ocean.
    To deep clean your silver you can use silver cleaning products on the market

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