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The Jilly Box

Jillian Harris wearing Rosie Joan toadstool bracelet

When I began this business in 2019, I hadn't set any goals.  I didn't have any extravagant plans or expectations.  In fact, I didn't even really consider it a business.  It was meant to be a creative outlet to connect with my kids in memory of my dear grandmother. 
It wasn't until the fall of that year, when I received a message from Angela, a super lovely friend from town that I knew in my youth.  She indicated that she was having a glass of wine with the one and only Jillian Harris.  She had showed her my Instagram page and Jillian loved my bracelets.   

Suddenly, this very hobby-like hustle became very real.  I sent Angela a little package of bracelets to gift Jillian.  For months, I watched her stories just to catch a glimpse of my shiny beaded creations dangling from her wrist.  
After a few months, she shared my bracelets with her following, tagging my Instagram handle.  
Hundreds of orders started pouring in immediately.  At first, I was elated...then panicked. I was taking orders as people purchased on the site, which meant that I had to create all of the products that were being ordered.  
It was an important moment in realizing that it was no longer a hobby and processes needed to change.

Thank goodness for those changes because shortly after
I was contacted by Jillian's team in the Spring of 2021 to be apart of The Jilly Box; a curated quarterly box of products selected by Jillian and her team. It's launch was so successful that it is now a lottery system with different emails being selected for each box.

For that box, we opted for a rose quartz heart bracelet set.  It was intentionally selected for its meaning of being the universal stone of love. 
The Jilly Box, fall of 2021 was another business altering experience.  Jilly fans are amongst the most loyal customers around.  The gratitude for that experience and how it transformed my business and my perspective of my business is something that I will cherish forever.

Fast forward to the winter of 2022, when I had another pinch me moment upon being asked to once again, participate in the Fall 2023 box.  At this moment, it is my belief that if there are past lives, most certainly I was a Saint for all of the blessings that I am receiving in this life.

This time around, we replaced the rose quartz heart with a Lucky Red Toadstool.
Not unlike the heart, the toadstool has all kinds of relatable meaning.  Being lucky of course but also it honours the appreciation of nature.  
It's still early in its reveal, so I can't wait to see what this latest instalment will bring. In this moment, personally, it has provided a renewed sense of belief that this hobby turned business was meant to be.