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Amethyst - Silver
Amethyst - Silver
Amethyst - Silver
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Amethyst - Silver

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  • Details

    4mm Amethyst beads
    Sterling Silver| 3mm
    REPRESENTS: stone of peace, soothing dreams, calm.
    Due to the natural state of stones, striations and colours will vary.

  • Jewelry Care

    To polish your jewelry, avoid using clothing, towels or tissues to polish jewelry. Its abrasive qualities can scratch your jewelry. Instead, use a generic microfiber cloth to remove scuffing.

    Regularly clean your jewelry using mild soap and water. Do not scrub!

    While the products are more durable than plated products, they are still metal that can be scratched and dull over time. To keep them shiny, consider limiting wear to activities that won’t scratch the surface of the bracelet.

    The larger beads (8mm and 10mm) have a larger surface area, so scratches and spots are more obvious. They will likely need more regular care than then smaller beads.
    Do not over stretch the elastic when putting on and removing your bracelets. Roll them on and off the wrist one at a time.

  • Sizing

    The very best way of determining your size is by measuring your wrist.
    If you don’t have a soft measure tape, simply use a piece of string and compare the length on a measuring tape or ruler. Use our size guide to find your closest size.
    XS (6.5")
    S/M (7.0")
    M/L (7.5")
    L+ (7.75")
    5.0" - 6.0" - XS
    6.0" - 6.5" - S/M
    6.5" - 7.0" - M/L
    7.0"+ - L+
    If your wrist is larger than 7.5" please select L+ and indicate the measurement in the notes when checking out of your cart.
    For a comfortable fit, go up .5". for a looser fit, go up 1.0".